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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Emma's Fab Finds: Summer 2013

I know, I know.....I bet you are going to think I'm going to promote Rainbow Loom!     Nope, they need no advertising.   That product sells itself!!   I can't count how many times I have heard mothers in the stores say, "I wish I had invented this."   Yes....we all wish we had invented the Rainbow Loom, the silly bands a couple of years ago....we know.    Plain old plastic making someone millions of dollars.     

While I was out buying Rainbow Loom bands at the Learning Express in Scarsdale, I came across this awesome toy for my kids.    It is SAND!    But not real sand.   It is kind of like a cross between sand and play dough.  Has a nice consistency and doesn't spoil, harden or get ruined if left out.   It doesn't dry out like play dough and it is made with all natural ingredients.    Kid can build with it, mold it, drive their cars over it, through it....or (if you have a daughter) pretend to cook with it.   Costs about $25 and comes with about 3-4 tools to use with it.   
Because I was researching it for this entry, I found an 4 or 8 lb bin of it.    Now I am going to have to buy it!!    Check out the website.      Living Sand 

This is one for the mommies.     I started using this in March 2013.    It takes a good 4-6 or 6-8 weeks to work.    But when it works, it works!!    I was out to lunch with my cousin, who knows that I experiment with all the new things-- one of the first to switch from acrylic to color gel manicures, had tattooed lipliner done, laser hair removal a handful of she looked at me and said, "Your eyelashes look great.   I saw that sign in the nail salon and said 'I'm sure Emma will try that."     I said, "Try what?"  She said, "The extensions."  I realized that she was referring to the $99 eyelash extensions at the nail salon that we both go to.    I was happy to confess that I did NOT have them done.  I told her about GrandeLASH and she was amazed that it made my eyelashes appear so long and fake!!   Sells online for $45-50.   Also available at Lola NY in White Plains ( for store hours)     People have mentioned that Latisse does the same thing, but from what I hear, Latisse darkens your skin.   That is available only by prescription and this does not require one-- and no darkening around the eyes.   Also works on eye brows for those who want to thicken their brows.  :-)     Check out this product as well as the others:      Grandelash

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