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Monday, July 29, 2013

Starbucks Refresher- $2 refills after 2pm

It seems that Starbucks is the place for all people to meet up.   Mothers and daughters on days out shopping, friends reconnecting after time not seeing either other, post-work out sessions, even job interviews!    In my small town Starbucks I have heard some great conversations and wondered, 'where did these people meet before Starbucks?"

My husband who spends his days outside of Westchester, in Manhattan tells me about the people he overhears.   (Not eavesdropping- you can't help but hear people talking.)   He mentioned hearing a couple discuss their plans to help one party get his/her citizenship so they were meeting to "cram" for their session with the interviewers.   Having friends and relatives who legitimately went through this process, I know that it is a grueling one.    For people who really do not live together, know which side of the bed to say they sleep on or how one takes their coffee, I imagine it would be that much more difficult.    My other favorite was the life coach, meeting with the prep-school girl before her college interview.  I can just imagine what her mom paid for this 1 hr session at Starbucks (and follow up sessions, I'm sure.)  

But the point of this entry is to mention this DRINK.     I went off on a tangent.   I love Starbucks but I do not like coffee.    I can't drink tea other than in the morning and in the summer, I prefer a cold beverage, without coffee.   For some time, the cold beverages were coffee-ish......frappuccino, or whatever caramel macchiato drink, with 300-400 calories.   Coffee and tea are low calorie drinks, those fancy chilly coffee drinks are pricey, fattening and contain coffee.  

Imagine my surprise today when I discovered the Orange Refresher.    I imagine it is relatively new.  Contains only 90 calories for the middle size....what's that grande?  (its tall, grande, venti, right?     I never order it that way!)      It's sort of a glorified orange juice, minus the pulp, iced, with an orange wedge in it and contains some green tea extracts which gives either of two benefits:  calming or energy.  Have to do some more research, but I am glad to have either one on most days--  For 90 calories, I get a clear cup with my name in  magic marker and can be a Starbucks girl this summer.        

I want to say it costs around $3 and the promotion right now, is if you bring your receipt back to Starbucks (any store, not just the one you bought it in) and show your receipt, you get a refill for $2.    I think it is the grande size.    Refill of 90 calories is not the worst thing and if it's energy producing or calming-- I will find out---    it's well worth the two bucks.   

July 15 to Aug 18.... Check it out.    
(Also, it's non-carbonated like the canned Refreshers)   

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Westchester's Own ChickLit Author-- Susie Orman Schnall

   Book Launch Party

On Grace 
Book Launch Party 
on 7.17.13  

Susie Orman Schnall
best pal, who owns Nest Inspired Home in Rye   

If nothing else, you will want to check out Nest Inspired Home in Rye.   Fabulous home furnishings.   But that is a blog for another day.   Hard to stay focused in that store!

A little background:
Susie Orman Schall and her friend from college both made some "pre-turning 40" goals for themselves and each one succeeded.  One wanted to open a shop and one wanted to write a novel.  
Both women successfully met their goal of finding something new and different to accomplish.
So fitting for the signing/book launch to be held here.    Friends supporting friends. 
Surrounded by college friends of theirs, some friends of friends and others who knew neither one but came out to support the pair.  Such a fun gathering to support Susie's first novel.

For more photos:

So.....what is the book about??

Well....I can't give away the plot of the book, of course.   I will never forget when my husband was 9/10 of the way through "Sell" by Stephen King.   He was reading it slowly and carefully; making sure not to rush through it and miss any of the details.    One Sunday morning, he was sitting in the car, reading the NY Times Book Review and the review gave away the ending!  (Isn't that no-no numero uno??)  Naturally, I felt sooo guilty as he was sitting in the car as I food shopped, occupying himself w the newspaper and in the meantime, spoiled the last section of the book, that he was looking so forward to.  

So instead of summarizing the story and in turn, ruining the ending I will list some bullet points/themes:

- a perfect read for moms approaching 40, who have dedicated their lives, often putting off careers and/or advancement of careers to find the "balance" between being a mom and a career woman.    Every woman finds a different way to achieve balance and finds satisfaction in their own way.    This allows for reflection for most readers and we can personally connect to Grace's feelings.

- deals with (yes!) social media......"facebook flirting" which totally happens, infidelity whether physical or not.....and the importance of being your partners equal.  

- deals with finding a "sense of self" which is one that many moms go through.    Stay at home moms end their careers and strive to find a "purpose" for lack of a better word.   An old boss once told me, "You will never get an award for being the best stay at home mom."    We make this sacrifice for our kids and sometimes it deems unfulfilling.   Getting back into the workplace, reinventing oneself, failures and basically doing this all over again is a challenge.   

- differences between how women view things and how men view things.   Values, parenting styles, expectations to name a few.  Also how differently our parents, based on their experiences view marriage and family.

- the importance of friendships between women; always having a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear.   Despite all that went on in Grace's life, she was always true to her best female friend, which I loved.  

I think this book is one that most women can relate to.   The main character is named Grace.   (Title, On Grace)    I loved at the signing when Susie said, "Either you are Grace or you know Grace."  Very true.   I found myself thinking about the Graces in my extended circles of friends.   Marriage takes work and partners need to stay in communication and keep their marriage strong, regardless of who is at home, who is working, etc.    Not everyone really puts forth the effort that it requires and some assume that once they are married, they do not have to work at it, support each other emotionally.     

"It really hits home to this demographic," Susie said (meaning women in Westchester that are in the almost-40 category).   Most of us can relate to Grace which keeps us turning the pages in her book.    

As I read, I thought about it and realized, that certainly this plot might be a filled with problems of women living in suburban/city mom life and wondered if this same "juggling/balancing" existed in other parts of the country, with some varieties.   I am eager to see how people feel about it after reading it.   It is a great summer, a page turner and really something we can relate to and take some small "marriage advice" away from.    

And best of all:  no British girls with glamorous but low-paying publishing jobs in the big city, bed-hopping, partying, shopping until they max out their credit cards.   A giant phew to that!

On Grace is available on or at Arcade Books on Purchase Street in Rye.   Enjoy!!   

Friday, July 26, 2013

Lola Favorites from Summer Sale

A picture is worth a thousand words.     Below, you will see almost 100,000 words    
Necklaces, bracelets, bags:
Choker length and full length.   Silver as well as gold.   

Bracelets.   Lots of crosses and spiky type ones and Buddha too.  

Cute small pouches, clutches.   Love the Missoni-inspired one.   Got one for my camera too! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hotel Mode strikes again.

We all know of expedia and tripadvisor for hotels.    Nothing and no one beats Hotel Mode

John and Simone are your personal travel agents when you deal with them.     We are all tempted by the hotel deals we see online, on Groupon or RueLaLa.   I talked to John one day about my favorite location, Canyon Ranch in Miami.   Asked what I paid per night and assured him, "I got a deal on RueLaLa."  He said, "I have that deal (or better) every day."

I checked his website and he is right.      Check out his site for hotel deals.      

Monday, July 22, 2013

Fab Bags!!! At Petticoat Lane- Scarsdale Village

This entry will be short and sweet.    
This morning I was out doing my Monday morning errands;  
bank, post office, supermarket and umm.....Petticoat Lane. 

No that is really not a regular stop on my list of errands but today it was a worthwhile stop.   
This weekend is the Scarsdale Village Sidewalk Sale, which in my opinion, is filled with each stores CRAP-- no great deals to be found ever.   I have been going for years only to be disappointed by it.

In the store window, I saw these bags.    
Patent leather, in summer colors and the Stella McCartney type bag with the chain straps.
$139 each.   They will not be outside at the sidewalk sale this weekend but at this price, worth going inside for it.      Patent is sort of wintery but in these colors, they can be used in the summer.  
What will be discounted??   Some jewelry and I forget what else....I was too hung up on these bags to remember.    I am a sucker for a new bag.   

The Stella McCartney-like one comes in gold, silver and a pewter.   

Also in black, fuchsia, this color and the turquoise, above.