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Monday, July 22, 2013

Fab Bags!!! At Petticoat Lane- Scarsdale Village

This entry will be short and sweet.    
This morning I was out doing my Monday morning errands;  
bank, post office, supermarket and umm.....Petticoat Lane. 

No that is really not a regular stop on my list of errands but today it was a worthwhile stop.   
This weekend is the Scarsdale Village Sidewalk Sale, which in my opinion, is filled with each stores CRAP-- no great deals to be found ever.   I have been going for years only to be disappointed by it.

In the store window, I saw these bags.    
Patent leather, in summer colors and the Stella McCartney type bag with the chain straps.
$139 each.   They will not be outside at the sidewalk sale this weekend but at this price, worth going inside for it.      Patent is sort of wintery but in these colors, they can be used in the summer.  
What will be discounted??   Some jewelry and I forget what else....I was too hung up on these bags to remember.    I am a sucker for a new bag.   

The Stella McCartney-like one comes in gold, silver and a pewter.   

Also in black, fuchsia, this color and the turquoise, above.  

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