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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pottery Barn Kids: Favorite Books

Somehow, Pottery Barn has a favorite book list.   A furniture store suggesting books....Unusual, to say the least.    It reminds me of when Madonna decided to write books for children because there was nothing of quality for her children to read.    As if she is one to know quality reading because she is a pop star/celebrity??     Whatevs...

Regardless, there are always good titles among every list.    I am curious to know who is making this decision in the HQ at Pottery Barn, but will share anyway.      Could be a good baby shower gift, for siblings of the new baby..... for them to read to their brother/sister when they arrive.    

While I never "negative-blog"(not even sure if that is a real word/term) I try to find the positive in all things.  Plus it gave me an occasion to share a cute pic of Linus and Charlie Brown reading together.  

Early Reader Book List
  1. Fancy Nancy: Bonjour Butterfly 
  2. Llama Llama Wakey-Wake 
  3. Olivia 
  4. Shake It Up Baby! 
  5. Madeline 
  6. The Very Hungry Caterpillar's Finger Puppet Book 
  7. Curious George Counting 
  8. How Do Dinosaurs Count to
  9. Barnyard Dance! 
  10. In My Ocean 
  11. Princess Baby 
  12. Toes, Ears, & Nose 
  13. Twinkle Toes 
  14. Little Shark: Finger Puppet

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Ice Cream Man.....It's all about the timing.

We have all had that moment.      Picking up at one activity, getting kids to the next, rounding them all up when they hear 
that sound.   The sound of the ice cream man.   Every kid flocks to the truck and every mom is thinking......Just what I need.    Could there be a worse time?

Then there is the afternoon with no activities planned, a couple of moms decide to meet up at the park and enjoy the day outside with the kids and you think, "Well, this would be a great time for the ice cream man to show up."   You start thinking that if it does show up, you might even get something for yourself and it still doesn't show up and that you will treat all the kids to ice cream if it arrives.   You keep listening and hoping to hear that jingle.    No ice cream man.   

It's like anything else-- when you need it, it's not there and when you don't want it there, it's Mister Softee, followed by the Good Humor Man followed by the Mr. Softee lady, which is always a surprise to see.     

This truck, Miami Ice is available for large play dates, on call, for a birthday party, a sporting event, etc.    Just call Mike and he will be there.   Prices range $1.50-$4.50 but he will offer items under a certain price point if a parent requests.    Most kids prefer ice cream over cupcakes or cake anyway!     

Now I just need an occasion to book it.   

Monday, May 20, 2013

Patriotic Clothing for Kids

    So Breezy Sundress


There is nothing more appropriate for a gift for kids than patriotic clothing.
Especially at this time of year.   What is today's date?    May 20th?  
We have Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4th and Labor Day.  

 It is something I buy for almost everyone
during the spring, knowing that there are 4 opportunities
 for kids to wear these items between now and the fall.

Right now Hanna Andersson has $19 dresses for girls.  

Regularly $28, now $19 for girls.   Love this dress.

Simple but pretty and not something you would expect parents to buy for their kids.      While we all have our backgrounds, Italian American, Irish American, whatever.....these are great for kids to wear for FOUR occasions between May and Sept.   A great gift.

Also from Hanna Andersson...... pajamas.  
Regularly $36--- Now $30.     Love them.
Short John Pajamas That Help Kids

A little pricey for a bathing suit-- $38......but adorable.
Carters Outlet has some great patriotic bathing suits for a lot less

Swim Trunks With UPF 50+

Speaking of Carters....How cute are these?      More affordable.    

Emma's Faves.....Inspirational Bangles

Inspirational Sentiment BanglesWe all have a favorite saying or a motto that completely comes back to us over and over.    My mom always said "Everything happens for a reason."   As I have grown older, I find myself saying the same thing.    While I am not super religious, I am a spiritual person, who believes in something/someone higher than ourselves.   I believe that there is a plan and that timing is everything.   I believe that we are meant to meet people when we meet them, believe that paths cross the way they are supposed to and that regardless of our religious beliefs, we are guided by something that leads us to the right choices and decisions.     This is why these bangles are an Emma Fave........$45 I think.....and very meaningful.  

Relationship Advice: Separate Movies


I realize that I have not written too many blogs about marriage, as I intended to when I began blogging.    This photo today gave me the idea to write one about seeing separate movies.    Every couple I know, who goes to a movie alternates choices.   That is fair enough.    Your turn, my turn, your turn, my turn. It seems fair and equal.    Right?

But that makes for a lot of wasted time and money, if you ask me.     My husband and I started this movie thing when we were dating.    Multiplex theaters have 6-8 movies (or more) so we would find a theater that had the movie he wanted, that also had the movie that I wanted.    They stagger the start times, so his starts at 7pm, mine at 7:15 and we meet up afterwards each having seen the movie of our choice, never having to suffer through a movie that we did not want to see.    

Not very enjoyable to sit and watch Bridget Jones Diary if the person beside you has his head in his palms, dreading it, watching the time just counting down for it to be over.      After a long week of work, he does not want to see Wimbeldon and you do not want to see Batman!      Sorry to those "cool girlfriends"who sit through those movies......You would rather see the chick flick.    You know you would.

But people have a problem being "alone" in the theater.  It's dark.  No one sees you.  No one cares if you are alone.   No one is judging you.    See your movie, let him see his.    Go out to dinner afterwards and get on with the weekend.      No one gets a prize for sitting through his/her movie.     "Best boyfriend" or "#1 Wife" awards are not handed out upon departing the theater.  

Last example was when my husband went to see "Zero Dark Thirty" while I went to see "This is 40."    Neither one cared to see the movie the other one saw.     A simple way to make everyone happy and we feel it's a win-win situation.    Try it out and comment letting me know if you tried it.    Would be interested in the feedback.   :-)