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Monday, May 20, 2013

Relationship Advice: Separate Movies


I realize that I have not written too many blogs about marriage, as I intended to when I began blogging.    This photo today gave me the idea to write one about seeing separate movies.    Every couple I know, who goes to a movie alternates choices.   That is fair enough.    Your turn, my turn, your turn, my turn. It seems fair and equal.    Right?

But that makes for a lot of wasted time and money, if you ask me.     My husband and I started this movie thing when we were dating.    Multiplex theaters have 6-8 movies (or more) so we would find a theater that had the movie he wanted, that also had the movie that I wanted.    They stagger the start times, so his starts at 7pm, mine at 7:15 and we meet up afterwards each having seen the movie of our choice, never having to suffer through a movie that we did not want to see.    

Not very enjoyable to sit and watch Bridget Jones Diary if the person beside you has his head in his palms, dreading it, watching the time just counting down for it to be over.      After a long week of work, he does not want to see Wimbeldon and you do not want to see Batman!      Sorry to those "cool girlfriends"who sit through those movies......You would rather see the chick flick.    You know you would.

But people have a problem being "alone" in the theater.  It's dark.  No one sees you.  No one cares if you are alone.   No one is judging you.    See your movie, let him see his.    Go out to dinner afterwards and get on with the weekend.      No one gets a prize for sitting through his/her movie.     "Best boyfriend" or "#1 Wife" awards are not handed out upon departing the theater.  

Last example was when my husband went to see "Zero Dark Thirty" while I went to see "This is 40."    Neither one cared to see the movie the other one saw.     A simple way to make everyone happy and we feel it's a win-win situation.    Try it out and comment letting me know if you tried it.    Would be interested in the feedback.   :-)    

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