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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Ice Cream Man.....It's all about the timing.

We have all had that moment.      Picking up at one activity, getting kids to the next, rounding them all up when they hear 
that sound.   The sound of the ice cream man.   Every kid flocks to the truck and every mom is thinking......Just what I need.    Could there be a worse time?

Then there is the afternoon with no activities planned, a couple of moms decide to meet up at the park and enjoy the day outside with the kids and you think, "Well, this would be a great time for the ice cream man to show up."   You start thinking that if it does show up, you might even get something for yourself and it still doesn't show up and that you will treat all the kids to ice cream if it arrives.   You keep listening and hoping to hear that jingle.    No ice cream man.   

It's like anything else-- when you need it, it's not there and when you don't want it there, it's Mister Softee, followed by the Good Humor Man followed by the Mr. Softee lady, which is always a surprise to see.     

This truck, Miami Ice is available for large play dates, on call, for a birthday party, a sporting event, etc.    Just call Mike and he will be there.   Prices range $1.50-$4.50 but he will offer items under a certain price point if a parent requests.    Most kids prefer ice cream over cupcakes or cake anyway!     

Now I just need an occasion to book it.   

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