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Monday, July 29, 2013

Starbucks Refresher- $2 refills after 2pm

It seems that Starbucks is the place for all people to meet up.   Mothers and daughters on days out shopping, friends reconnecting after time not seeing either other, post-work out sessions, even job interviews!    In my small town Starbucks I have heard some great conversations and wondered, 'where did these people meet before Starbucks?"

My husband who spends his days outside of Westchester, in Manhattan tells me about the people he overhears.   (Not eavesdropping- you can't help but hear people talking.)   He mentioned hearing a couple discuss their plans to help one party get his/her citizenship so they were meeting to "cram" for their session with the interviewers.   Having friends and relatives who legitimately went through this process, I know that it is a grueling one.    For people who really do not live together, know which side of the bed to say they sleep on or how one takes their coffee, I imagine it would be that much more difficult.    My other favorite was the life coach, meeting with the prep-school girl before her college interview.  I can just imagine what her mom paid for this 1 hr session at Starbucks (and follow up sessions, I'm sure.)  

But the point of this entry is to mention this DRINK.     I went off on a tangent.   I love Starbucks but I do not like coffee.    I can't drink tea other than in the morning and in the summer, I prefer a cold beverage, without coffee.   For some time, the cold beverages were coffee-ish......frappuccino, or whatever caramel macchiato drink, with 300-400 calories.   Coffee and tea are low calorie drinks, those fancy chilly coffee drinks are pricey, fattening and contain coffee.  

Imagine my surprise today when I discovered the Orange Refresher.    I imagine it is relatively new.  Contains only 90 calories for the middle size....what's that grande?  (its tall, grande, venti, right?     I never order it that way!)      It's sort of a glorified orange juice, minus the pulp, iced, with an orange wedge in it and contains some green tea extracts which gives either of two benefits:  calming or energy.  Have to do some more research, but I am glad to have either one on most days--  For 90 calories, I get a clear cup with my name in  magic marker and can be a Starbucks girl this summer.        

I want to say it costs around $3 and the promotion right now, is if you bring your receipt back to Starbucks (any store, not just the one you bought it in) and show your receipt, you get a refill for $2.    I think it is the grande size.    Refill of 90 calories is not the worst thing and if it's energy producing or calming-- I will find out---    it's well worth the two bucks.   

July 15 to Aug 18.... Check it out.    
(Also, it's non-carbonated like the canned Refreshers)   

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