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Friday, June 14, 2013

My Other Bag: Thank you mom (and STAR Magazine!)

At the supermarket checkout, we want to look inside that Star Magazine and see what Brad and Angelina and Kate and Prince William are up to....but what if someone sees us??       Luckily, some of us have moms who buy it,  or even better subscribe to it.    Definitely something to read in the comfort of your own home.       Articles with a shred of truth and bogus ads for things like diet pills and other items that probably don't work.      You think, WHO advertises here????  

I will tell you who advertised here and thank goodness she did.       My Other Bag ( or for those on twitter #myotherbag (Hope I did that right!)

We all love bags.     Big, small, expensive, inexpensive, even fake bags.    I checked out this site and thought, how cute, I want this bag.    I ordered the Louis Vuitton checkerboard, white-on-white and when it was delivered, it was BLUE AND WHITE.....Strange.

I called the number to find out why this was BLUE when the original bag is white/white and not blue.   The person who answered the phone....Tara.   The founder.   Yes, the founder herself answered the call, discussed the blue/white situation with me and offered me the option to return my bag for the brown one.   We got to talking and I thought, wow-- need to blog about her, follow her on twitter, and so on-- because it was truly amazing to get the real founder/CEO/CFO/president on the line, as easily as I did.   We chatted for a bit and I mentioned my blog, and found out a little about her-- how she started this on her own and how she enjoys chatting w her customers.      Factory  is in LA, but her operation is run out of adorable beach town Manhattan Beach   :-)

Check out my friend Tara's page.     The price point is around $30 per bag and works out to be a great gift for someone.    I love mine.        Promised Tara I would blog and tag her on twitter so if you want to follow her on twitter, feel free.  

My Other Bag

Check it out--    Perfect for the summer.      Thanks Tara.   Nice meeting you by phone.  xoxo

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