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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tweet Tweet-- Follow me on Twitter

I always thought I loved Facebook.  Until I discovered Twitter.     Facebook allows you to have fun with friends, mostly real and few that are not real.  By real, "real life" people you actually know and are connected with.   On Facebook I would say I am real friends with 90% of my friends and the other 10% are sort of friends, people I know through others, have friended after meeting at a wedding or a shower, knowing that pictures can be shared easily and that you will be in the same company with again so why not be Facebook friends?

The opposite is true of Twitter.   I think the 90/10 Facebook is 10/90 on Twitter.   I do not personally "know" 90% of the people on Twitter because we are not friends, nor do we pretend to be.   We follow each other.    It's a two way street.    Followers are not in secret (Facebook stalking not required) and it is fine to follow people that you don't know and you can follow the people they follow and so on.    Sometimes I think I like my Twitter friends (oops, followers!) more than I like my Facebook friends.    

So if you have not already, follow me on Twitter and of course, I will follow you too.   ;-)  

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