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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

iPhone app: Mosaic Photo Book $20 for 20 iPhone pics

So we all love a great bargain.   At least once a week, you are sure to find a groupon/deal for a photo book or better yet a photo canvas.     Without a doubt, the picture you will want to use for the canvas is not a large enough file and comes out grainy.....and really who has the wall space to hang giant canvas photos?  I think those are definitely impulse buys.  No one I know has them hanging around their houses.

The books-- a great deal, if you actually USE them; if you know how to use Picaboo or MyPublisher.     Most of us do not.  We are so excited by the $19 album of our trip to Disney that we buy it and guess what, we never use it?    I would love to research the numbers and find out how many unused groupon/coupon/deals there are that are left unredeemed.  

The trouble is that these sites are time consuming.  That's WHY they are on these sale sites.  They want to encourage people to use them instead of their usual user-friendly Shutterfly/Snapfish.    I will gladly pay the $40 for an album, to make it easier for myself.    Rarely does Shutterfly or Snapfish have to promote their photo books.

So....the next photo dilemma is that no one has pictures anywhere but their iPhones.  I love my iPhone but when running out the door to an event, I still bring my real camera.    However, some of the best pics are taken at a non-occasion, when the real camera is not there.    Kids walking hand in hand from the playground, your daughter reading her favorite book on the couch, when the camera is not recharged (annoying) and all you have is the almighty iPhone and thank God for it, or else you would not have had the chance to take that photo!

Well what do you do with them on the phone?  Email them to people, mobile upload them to Twitter or Facebook but somehow, poor Grandma and Grandpa never seem to have them in their wallets because they are not keeping up with the digital age.    The nice people print them for the old folks, but really, one at a time?  Who can be bothered?

Last week I found MOSAIC.  It is an iPhone app that lets you make a small album with 20 pictures for 20 bucks!     You do NOT have to go to the actual desktop computer to do it.   It is as easy as uploading 20 photos to a share site.     Open the app, create book, add 20 of your favorites, order it, pay and it arrives at your house.      Some might say, "but Picaboo gives you 20 collage pages for $14.99!"   I will pay the extra $5 and make my book from the comfort of my own bed.  Seriously, my first book was made late at night, under my blankets before going to sleep and I would not blog about it until I received it and made sure it was not a piece of junk!   I thought it was too good to be true.  

The book is 7x7 and has a nice cover, delivered in a nice neutral colored box, quickly.     So instead of bringing great-grandma an envelope of 10 photos, bring her a nice book of 20 pics every 6 mos.    Without sounding morbid, she will give them back to you know, when she is no longer here....sorry, but it is true.     You will receive all of your photos back in chronological order and since there are only 20, you will narrow it down to the best 20 pics you have on your phone.  

So so easy---  and nice quality-- for twenty bucks!!      

Mosaic: iPhone App for Photo Books for $20!!!

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