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Monday, October 7, 2013

Gingerbread Kidz in Scarsdale

Last week, my friend had her fourth baby!    Not only a 4th, but her oldest is only 7.     And.....on top of that.....her fourth girl.    What do you buy a mom of 4 girls??   She has seen the best of the best girl stuff and is quite honestly, tired of it by now.     I bought some cute stuff for the newest addition to the family and some cute things for my own favorite fashionista as well;  my stylish 7 year old.

For those of you who do not know Gingerbread Kidz in Scarsdale, it is worth checking out.    A little pricey, not the kind of place where most do their big back-to-school shop but great for a gift, for a special occasion outfit or accessory and they have some good sales too.    Of course they have the staples:  Trumpette socks for baby girls and boys (trumpette socks) and my favorite Angel Dear blankies (best blankies ever) and outfits.

Here is the link to their website

Gingerbread Kidz Website

Since my youngest was a baby 3 years ago, they have created some new Angel Dear blankies, including the pink owl.   Owls seem to be the craze right now.   This one in pink below and I believe there is also a turquoise one.     Super trendy.  

Emoji leggings!!!    For those with kids who text, you know what Emojis are.    For those who do not, here is an urban dictionary definition for emojis.   Urban Dictionary can summarize way  Better than I can begin to explain EMOJIS!    <--- click here!     <3   :-)   LOL

And hair chalk.....easy to apply and rinse out for girls who want the color streaks in their hair and for those moms who refuse to let their girls get the ombre hair color at 8-9 years old!    (Cute gift for those big sisters of said 4th baby girl.)  

Some more things.       These 3 are for my own daughter.   This is where I get in trouble,  I go out in search of a gift for one person and consequently, return home with things for my daughter.    I can't simply dump them all on her bed for when she comes home; after all she is SEVEN.     I hold onto them in a hiding spot and take them out when needed.    The day of a party,  when she gets a good report card or when I need a tooth fairy gift that I would otherwise be unprepared for.      
Loved this geometric sheath dress (on sale) and the black tank with the lace (also on sale) that she wore quite well with white denim shorts and black sandals.   My clearance items recreate an outfit and those boring white shorts are now fun again.  
The black fur vest.....well that was not on sale BUT it was less than I expected it to be.    Knowing how  much my daughter hates wearing a winter coat (she's always been warm-blooded) I knew that this would take place of a fall coat until she needs her winter coat, which for her, is a North Face, and I don't mean the puffy one.   She manages all winter with the plain furry zip up, the one that's more than a fleece (is it the Oso or the Denali?) but not the ski-jacket, down filled bulky one.   So it's justified, as it is her fall "jacket."

If she wanted a real coat.....I would want this one for her or for ME!!      The price is way higher than most stores for a winter coat for a kid but they go up to tween sizes, so I may have to wait for her to reach an age that warrants a coat with a price tag like this.  The brand is Mackage and the site is below in case you want to take a look at their coats.   Softest, nicest material....OMG!
 Mackage Kids

Back to baby stuff.......Hair bows, $12-$14, in all colors......Baby bloomer bottoms in white, satin baby shoes in white too, somehow I can't locate the photo.    And there is that cute little Angel Dear again.   I wrote an entry on Angel Dear a while back......

Here it is:   My Angel Dear blog entry :-)

Definitely check out Gingerbread Kidz in Scarsdale;  right in the heart of the village on the corner of Chase Road and Popham Road.  

Happy Shopping!  

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