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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Origami Wrap: A must for all women!

A recent entry was about how wonderful a shopper I am, how I get a lot for my buck 
and how I'm such a bargain hunter... and that is all true.    Except when I splurge.   

Today, I splurged.   Twice.
I bought not one, but TWO Origami Wraps at ECHO in Beacon, NY.  
How many ways can it be worn, I am not exactly sure but there has to be a number.    
This piece, although expensive, is well worth it!     
 Here are some photos of the ways this item can be worn.

Below the photos you will find the YouTube link for a tutorial/demonstration on how to wear it.  

You're welcome   :-) 

The video:    

For more info on Origami Wrap/ECHO Party coming to Westchester this fall, stay tuned.   
The owner of the boutique is doing an event in Scarsdale area soon.    Details to follow.  
An excellent gift for that friend who has everything.    It is one size fits all and comes in a variety of colors, not shown above unfortunately.     Shades of blue, red and pink, a deep purple and more. 

For more items by Lilla P and for info on Echo, click below

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