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Friday, September 13, 2013

Confessions of a Shopaholic: Emma's Trip to Denny's Childrenswear

It's no secret that I love to shop.     Some think I overspend, and at times, I do.   But I love a good bargain.   I love shopping off the clearance rack, on discount sites like Rue La La, Groupon, etc.    It would never cross my mind to walk into a high end department store, buy off the rack, no sale/no coupon.   For myself, I like TJMaxx, Fox's in Eastchester, Annie Sez, stores like that.

For my kids, I like the standard Gap staple items;  Lord and Taylor when I have a coupon, which is almost always; and websites like Zulily for some of the name brands that I love, because they are discounted.    For shoes, I like Stride Rite outlet store.  I buy their Converse in Kohls's when I have a 20-30% off coupon rather than buying at Modell's.   So yes, I admit that I shop a lot but I get more than most for my dollar.   

Do I splurge?   Yes!  For a dress to wear to a wedding, yes.    A jacket that I know will not be available in my size by the time it goes on sale, absolutely.   Holiday card outfits for my kids, obviously.  I am not *that* in control.     A store that is hard for me to resist is Denny's Childrenswear.       Their layette section is boutique-like.    Very fashionable, original type items for babies.    They have great brand name clothing-- expensive, yes...but often reduced so it's sort of like, marked up so it can be marked down.       Here are a few things that I bought today.      

While I would love to complain about the prices, I really can't.  
  • The outfit on the left was on the SUPER SALE rack, with items 40% off and up.    The tank was marked $26.50.   Rang up $7.50.  The shorts, marked 22.50, rang up $6.25.    Super clearance about 70% off.  
  • The denim vest with black cotton sleeves  (So Nikki, a great brand) was shockingly regularly priced at $49.50.    I expected it to be a lot more than that, considering what a denim jacket goes for in a store like the Gap.    
  • The Keep Calm and Rainbow Loom On Shirt-- Marked $27.50, rang up $22.  (20% off)

Boys clothes are never as much fun to buy as girls clothes, but today was one of the rare days that my son wound up with more things than his sister!     (Not all items shown.  My husband reads this.)   My little guy loves Superheroes so I found these cute shirts with pants to match.  A little pricier than the Gap/Old Navy (or worse, the Children's Place) Junk Food Tees, but around $25-$29 each.    High for a tee shirt, yes, but I balanced my savings out with solid pants to match them, on the super sale rack.     I also found the cute Adidas outfits there, discounted 20% too.   

Lastly, what I will not include are the accessories.   Not on sale, overpriced, but irresistible.   Cute baby bib in chevron print for an upcoming baby shower;  a $20 headband for my gorgeous niece, and a few pairs of underwear that's say, "a little too pretty for a 7 year old to wear."     Those items did not make the blog entry, but worth every penny and well deserved for my good shopping choices.  

Next stop:  Epstein's in Tuckahoe.    Standard items like sneakers, sporty shorts but whoever the girls 7-16 buyer is, has shopped at Denny's!    Lots of the same brands;  So Nikki, Pinc Premium, etc.  

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