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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Importance of Date Night: A Lesson from Kate Middleton

Everyone loves Kate Middleton.    How can you not?   She symbolizes all things good.     Comes from a normal-ish down to earth family, has amazing style and great taste in men.   

She chose William at a young age, when most girls her age are picking the "wrong guy" she knew.     I believe their love is genuine and I think she earned some major royal points for producing a male heir right off the bat.  

We watched her marry, have her first baby and do it all (with the world watching her every move) with a smile and with class.    Typically, the British tabloids are talking about her "Date Night" with William this week.   Her baby is under 2 months old and there she is, going out with William, dressed up and looking fabulous, as always.

Some probably think:  

  • "Must be nice."   
  • "When you have servants to watch your infant, you can go out."   
  • "I did not leave my child until he/she was 6 months, at least."

Not me.   Nope.   I love her for it.    She knows how important it is to stay connected to her husband, her best friend.    I hope to see her out more often.    It does not mean that she loves her baby any less than those that stay home and care for theirs 24/7.    She is looking for adult time, adult conversation and is resuming a normal life.   

Some parents give up on a social life once they have children.   They even stop socializing with their spouse.    Since my first child was born almost 8 years ago, my husband and I chose one night a week for our date night.   This was our night to go out and forget all that was going on at home.    This is the night to wear the new shirt that has been hanging in the closet, put on some eye make up, eat dinner without interruptions and go out on a date, like we did for weeks and weeks and weeks before getting married.    

In America, we will imitate Kate's clothing style, her haircut, even replicate her wedding dress!   We should take it the next step by following her example and observe how she behaves.       

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