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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blogs: My "To Do List"

Since I started this blog, less than a week ago, my goal was to write a blog a day.   I have already fallen behind.  What I have done, is make a list of things that I need to blog things come to mind.

Here is my list:
-buying cars
-home furnishings/storage and organization
-toys for kids
-sunscreen for kids
-kids birthday parties
-thank you cards for birthday parties
-photos taken on iPhone/blackberry
-printers/fax machines etc.
-Groupon/Zulily/The Mini Social and the like

I may try to combine a couple of topics into one blog.  Maybe my techie blog will cover the iPhone/printer/fax topics.  Birthday parties can be a category.   I have to figure out how to accomplish more topics in less time to make up for the time already lost.   Please bear with me as I try to launch this blog.   I am going to set a goal date as April 1st as my official "share with everyone" and ask them to share with 10 friends, and ask them to share with 10 friends, and so on......  But before then I have to get to blogging!  

Feel free to suggest topics, ask questions and most of all "retweet" this blog if you wouldn't mind.  I am trying to make some new twitter friends and would appreciate your help.


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