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Saturday, March 17, 2012



My first post is going to be about the Roomba.   Why?   Because it is the most popular item in my house.   I have a brand new house, with brand new furniture, have spent thousands of dollars on furniture, accent pieces and window treatments and what do people love the most??   The Roomba.

For those of you wondering, what is a is a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.   It is plugged into the wall, on a charger/base and when you want it to vacuum up your kids cookie crumbs or the dots that fall out of the hole puncher after your daughter completes a "project," you run the Roomba and it picks up everything!

I can not tell you how many times people have asked, "Does it work!?"    My reply is, "Of course it works!" and I proceed to open the bottom compartment and show them HOW WELL it works.....It is filled with everything from cheerios to paper to dust.   I do not have pets but there is even a pet series one, that for one reason or another, works better?  I can't imagine it working better than mine.

Strangely enough, it knows how to work around the legs of chairs and tables.  It knows how NOT to fall down a flight of stairs.  It works on carpets and wood floors and can go from room to room, from carpet to floor very easily.

Where can you buy it?
Bed Bath and Beyond sells it and the 20% off coupon DOES work on it.  Roomba is not excluded (yet!) the way the higher end items are excluded.   I have also seen it in Costco for just a drop less than Bed Bath and Beyond.  BBB has it for $299, more or less and Costco has it for $279, I think.   However, now that I think of it the pet series, which is more expensive was $279 at Costco.   I guess you have to comparison shop.   It is well worth the money spent.  I mean, who really wants to push a vacuum anyway?  Those who are lucky enough to have a cleaning person weekly, can run the Roomba 6 days a week and have it vacuumed with your "other" vacuum on cleaning lady days.

Funny Story about the Roomba
It once picked up my very beautiful, delicate Stella and Dot chandelier earring.  I heard a noise and I went to see what it picked up.   Figured it was a plastic toy or a Poland Spring bottle cap, something that dropped to the floor.   I was shocked and upset when I realized it was my earring.   First because I loved the earrings and they were new; I had probably worn them twice, three times tops.  Secondly, because those damn Stella and Dot earrings are not cheap!   Figures my Ann Taylor Loft (or better, my New York and Company, LOL) earrings wouldn't get caught in it.   Those earrings were like $69!   Don't you did not get ruined.   The way it was picked up, just let it fall out the same way.... Easy as can be.   Phew.....

Seriously, every woman, young or old, single or married, kids or no kids NEEDS a Roomba.

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