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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Imagine Candy in Scarsdale

One of my first free days of the school year was a couple of weeks ago.  After finishing up my business in the Scarsdale village (bank, post office, supermarket) I realized I had a few minutes to sneak into the Parkway Coffee Shop and have my favorite fruit smoothie.  As I waited at the counter for it to be blended, I noticed a basket of small candy bags with a business card for Imagine Candy right around the corner.   Since I had time to walk around and check it out, I found the store and walked inside. Probably one of the best candy stores I have seen ever!  

Their website

First, a whole wall of candy themed toys/gifts.  
Pillows, stuffed animals, backpacks, lunch bags, etc.  

Of course there is the "candy by the pound" thing, that lots of stores have.  Fresh Market has the colored M&Ms and gummy fish/worms/bears.   But Imagine Candy has the good old school candy too!  The coke bottle and root beer gummies, licorice, good and plenty, Mike and Ike.  That kind of stuff.

My personal favorite is the chocolate covered pretzels.   From a far (above)
Up close (below)

They even do pretzel platters!  What a nice gift to bring to someone.   I can't wait until the next time I have an occasion where I have to bring a food item.    These are always a hit!  

Lastly, they do PARTIES for kids!    They create crafts with candy right in the store.   They also have tile decorating every so often, where kids can go in and decorate a tile with a candy theme (no name brands of course) and the winners will be displayed on the wall inside the store.    

Definitely worth checking out.  :-)  
Tell Bill that Emma sent you.  I promised him a blog entry for allowing me to take photos.   I think he suspected I was a competitor and I am sure after weeks have gone by, and I have not uploaded the pics, he thinks I pulled one over on him.   No worries Bill.  
Thanks for that chocolate pretzel for my son....   :-)  

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