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Thursday, September 20, 2012

School is Open: Moms Crossing

Finally....the summer is over and the kids are back in school.    Moms of school aged children can now shop in peace, actually try on clothes in the dressing room and avoid spending extra money on each little thing the kids ask for along the way.

Yes.  I took the summer off from blogging.  Not intentionally.  It wasn't until mid-to-late July that I realized I had fallen out of the habit and then decided, just wait til September.    Well it took me until Sept 20th to write my first blog but I have two amazing places to share.    What is so time consuming is the writing part.   Taking the photos is easy.   So I am going to upload photos and captions when I am short on time, so I do not get out of the rhythm of blogging.

First two blogs back:  Paper Source in Eastchester and Imagine Candy in Scarsdale.

Happy Back to School Shopping, Moms.  :-)

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