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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fashion Find: At 7/11 ( read that right!)

So, my daughter and I drive by 7/11 often and she asks me if she can buy a slurpee.  (She reads the sign in the window, has never been inside a 7/11 somehow and sees that the picture is of a pink beverage.)    I can usually tell her that the parking is a problem but she is persistent and I promised her "when school gets out."

Well, school is out and she took me up on my promise.  Today was Slurpee Day.  We parked and walked to 7/11 and I filled a small cup with a cherry slurpee.  She did not like it.    Filled a small cup up with Blue Raspberry and she said she liked it but only drank half of it before saying she was done.    Hopefully there will not be any return visits to 7/11 any time soon.

As I was paying for the 2 slurpees (the wasted cherry one and her blue raspberry one) I noticed on the counter these watches!!   I asked how much they were and the cashier pointed to the sign/label that said, $7.99.

Only Emma could find a fashion item at a 7/11.     A variety of colors available.
I bought pink, of course.  :-)

Gelee Big Face Fashion Watch HOT COLORS 12 per display By AP - Fashion Accessories

Here is a link to the buy them wholesale, in bulk, they are cheaper but I guess 7/11 has to make a dime on them somewhere!    

Gelee Watches

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