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Monday, June 11, 2012


I have wanted to share this business for a while but I wanted to wait til I had a larger following and since I now have a lot of blog "hits" or "views" I think it is time to share this one.

The business is called Inside Car Buying and the founder of this company has completed 4-5 sales for my family alone, in addition to a number of friends.    Car needs are changing.   Your family grows, you need a larger car......your family of 4 becomes 6 because you have twins, you need a 3rd row......Your kids grow up and your husband decides you need a sports car, that's fine too.  No matter what your "car needs" are, Tommy is the man to get you the best deal.   $499 fee, paid up front and you will save THOUSANDS.  

My first car interaction with him was when I bought my minivan.   Had to hang up the keys to my Range Rover for a while and sport my fancy black mommy wagon for a couple of years.   Two kids in car seats, on opposite sides of the back seat!  I needed the van.  As soon as they get old enough, I can go back to the Range Rover....or maybe the Mercedes GLK350.  We will see.  I have another couple of years before I have to decide what the next family car will be.  But when I do, Tommy will be the guy.  

Oh so back to my story.....I wanted remote start.  The cost (from the dealer) was $750 and I think he got it for me for $400.   WHO KNEW that remote start was negotiable??   No one.  So right there, $350 savings-- I am almost at the $499 I paid from the start.    In the end, my savings came to between $3500-$5000 off the sticker prices.  

I forget the actual numbers, so I asked him if I could mention him on my blog and if he could give me some current actual real numbers, of deals he has made recently.   He wrote back today with some real examples and some testimonials from his website.   Here they are:

2012 Honda Accord LX Sedan (train car)
Lease for 36 months and 12,000 miles per year for $184 per month and $1,318 total out of pocket plus plates.
2012 VW Jetta SE with Auto Transmission (train car)
Lease for 39 months and 10,000 miles per year for $188 per month and $1,410 total out of pocket plus plates.

2012 Honda Pilot LX All Wheel Drive (SUV)
Lease for 36 months with 12,000 miles per year for $283 and $1,676 total out of pocket plus plates.
Mercedes Benz GL450 (SUV)
Lease for 24 months with 12,000 miles per year for $572 per month and total out of pocket of $2,440 plus plates. 
2012 Acura MDX (SUV)
Lease for 36 months with 10,000 miles per year for $438 per month and total out of pocket of $2,241.78 plus plates.
2012 Honda Odyssey LX (Mini-Van)
Lease for 36 months with 12,000 miles per year for $266 per month and total out of pocket of $1,609 plus plates. 
3 Testimonials…
Thank you for making our lease purchase quick and stress free. In the past it has taken me weeks to months to negotiate with dealers to get what I thought was the best price. Now I find out, I was still over paying!

We did not even have to go to the dealer to pick up the car; it was delivered to our front door! We were able to complete the paperwork with the representative at our kitchen table. The representative then spent over an hour going over the car's features from top to bottom. The representative even took our old lease back with him, no having to turn the car in, hurray!

This was truly exceptional service and I would absolutely recommend and use again!!!
  • Anthony Marinello & Debra DiFrancesco of Scarsdale, NY
"So why would I want to pay $500 for someone to negotiate my car? Why wouldn’t I just put that $500 towards the down payment?"  Those are the questions I asked my friends who had referred me to Inside Car Buying. They responded "Come on, we use your referrals all of the time, try one of ours." 
Well, I am glad I did. I financed my 2012 Porsche Panamera 4S and Tommy negotiated a price $6,500 better than the price I was able to find at various dealerships. Plus, the car arrived two months sooner than any other dealer could get the 2012 model. Need more? Tommy negotiated the over mileage bill from my previous lease from $7000 down to $4800. A great experience overall. 
George Tapinekis of Mount Vernon, NY
Inside Car Buying is the ultimate car buying company. Tommy took all the hard work out of car buying. His ability to find the best deals is amazing. Not only did he lower the quote that I provided him on the 2011 Infiniti G37X I wanted, he also managed to get me an upgraded car. I cannot thank you enough for the professional way that you handled my purchase. Tommy managed to work out all the kinks in my deal and stayed with me until the very end of the process. Tommy has a way of making you believe as if it was his money he was spending and not yours. You would be foolish not to have Inside Car Buying help you with your next car purchase. This service is worth every cent.
  • Joshua Brand of Tuckahoe, NY

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