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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What is Karma?

I believe that good things come to good people.   I believe that living a good life yields positive results.  I believe in positive energy and that good deeds are returned to those who perform them for others.    In my many years on this earth, I have tried to live my life this way and I believe that I have received the blessings that I deserve.   I am married to my best friend and I have two happy and healthy children.   I am surrounded by great family and friends.  It is not luck.  

In preparing for this blog entry, I researched the definition/origin of the word karma and I am including the link below.  

  Urban Dictionary Definition for Karma

So why am I writing about Karma today?   For a few reasons.    It has been coming up as a recurring theme in my life lately.  Things happen and I think about why, and last week in an airport terminal, I saw one of those "vending machines" that sells high-end things like wallets, electronics, trinkets, perfume, etc.  With all of my shopping outlets, I did not feel that I needed to make a purchase from this machine but ONE item struck me.   I thought about it for a couple of days and of course, I went online and bought it.   The word stuck with me and I feel like its a word that I am using (in my thoughts) almost daily.

This is the item:  

This is where you can purchase one:
Dogeared Karma Necklace

I will not go into detail about all of the instances recently that have brought the word "karma" to mind, but I will share the one story that prompted me to write this blog.   Ironically, this story is probably the least meaningful which makes it even funnier.

I try to volunteer for things in my community.   I work with a couple of organizations that are charitable in nature, that allow me to give back to the community that I feel has made me the person that I am.   One group that I belong to allows me to bring my daughter to help, which is amazing for so many reasons.   Parents are their child's first "teacher" and I want my kids to learn this behavior.   Anyway, I am leaving one of my "volunteer" jobs this morning and I saw a woman that I have not seen in a few years.   We chatted for a few minutes and she commented on my "shopping deals" that she sees on Facebook, of course. I often "share this deal" with people if I feel it is worthwhile.   That's the right thing to do, right??   So she shared with me a website that I have never heard of.  She said, "YOU would love it.....Gucci bags are like 30%'s amazing.   You have to go check it out."    Of course, I went home to check it out and it is one of the BEST sites and I am shocked that I have never heard of it!!!    It's called Madison Avenue Spy.   Interestingly, it is a "blogspot" site like mine.    Madison Avenue Spy

And that, is my daily reflection on the word "karma."  Had I not been there today, doing my "good deed"......   On a serious note, as silly as it sounds, some days are better examples than others and this is not one of my most moving stories about karma, but the one that I felt like sharing with a community of blog readers!

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