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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Westchester Based Company: Gift Baskets for All Occasions

"Support Local Businesses"

You've seen it in store windows and you've read about corporate greed with the likes of Amazon especially, monopolizing the market on basically everything money can buy.   Sure the local hardware store in great in an emergency, but those light bulbs cost less at Home Depot and if time isn't a factor, free shipping offers save money and your time (that you can not put a price tag on.)  Mom and Pop stores are not surviving the way they used to, especially living in a place where you have so many shopping choices, like the NYC Metro area/suburbs.

But if you must shop online....and I am as guilty as anyone, trust me.   Why not try this site?  Tasteful Treats.   It is a local company, Westchester based and it provides the same service as 1-800-Flowers and the sites that most of us use anyway!  

Tasteful Treats

Besides having flowers and fruit, like most of the gift basket sites, they have super specific ideas.  If your brother-in-law is a Yankee fan or you have an uncle who loves Harley Davidsons (and you wouldn't know the first place to buy such a thing!) you can find very specific taste items here.   If you are missing a college friends baby shower (because you intend to visit when the baby is born) you can send a baby shower basket to the shower location rather than buy off the registry--maybe you know that she loves giraffes or is planning a zoo theme for her nursery.   :-)

 Check out some of these gifts/baskets:

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