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Monday, May 21, 2012

Emma's Great Finds

So I had to run a few errands this morning and as I came home and unpacked all of my bags, I realized.....I found some GREAT things today in my travels.

The first item is Cold Brewed Green Tea.   There are many articles written on the benefits of green tea but not everyone drinks tea.  Making it first as hot tea and chilling it to make a pitcher of cold green tea is something I have done, but takes some planning.   Of course, the Lipton bottled Green Tea is not nearly as healthy, and probably has as many chemicals, preservatives as Snapple and bottled drinks.  There is green tea iced tea mix in a powder form too......4C makes it, I think.....but probably lots of sugar, similar to the bottled iced tea. Unfortunate as it is, the Trader Joe's green tea mints do not contain the value....  I have looked it up.  :-(

Today I found (in the Fresh Market) a tea bag that can make green tea by the glass or the pitcher (1 tea bag for a glass, 4 for a pitcher) and it works in COOL water.    The kind I bought was made by Twinings, but I think Celestial Seasonings makes one too.   Scary that I am about to admit this on here, but I pack my husband a snack bag each night (all healthy items of course) and I am taping one of these to a Poland Spring bottle as a surprise for tomorrow.   Sure beats Crystal Light mystery sugar, or at least I hope it does!  

Next item is from one of my favorite stores, that I believe I have mentioned before:  Amazing Savings....where I buy all of my paper goods for parties, kitchen gadgets, you name it.   Today, when I was going down the escalator I noticed the cutest matching raincoats and umbrellas for kids!!   A frog (green) and a ladybug (red).  Of course I bought both raincoats and both umbrellas.....for whom, I am not quite sure yet....but I took pics for the blog.

The raincoat was $4.99 and the umbrella, $3.99.    Loved them.    Will show them to my kids in the morning and see if there are any takers on them.   For anyone looking for a cute party favor, one of these items could be adorable.   A party with a ladybug theme.....each child can leave with a ladybug umbrella??   We all fill up party bags with at least $4 worth of candy, toys, etc. right???  

The last item of the day was a shiny, pleather black bag!   I bought it because it was perfect for this disgusting day-- It was pouring rain and it should have been my purse for the day!   It was $5.99, appeared to be patent leather-- the picture does not do it any justice, but I can use it for groceries as a reusable tote bag!  If I have to throw it away because of a spill, it's OK, because it was $6.     It is a lot shinier than it looks below.  

  If it was not so late, I would try to rotate this picture but I included it to show that it has a bag inside too.  I did not even look inside to find it, but I will assume it's there!   (tilt head to the left)

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