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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Icing Color Chart

Food Network Magazine
May 2012

It is not illegal if I share something on my blog and give credit to where it came from, is it?    If I am putting it up and calling it my own....well, that is stealing-- but I am being completely upfront right now, giving you the name of the magazine, the issue and the cost.  

If you like to make cupcakes (or if you don't but you want to start) this is a must have!!   It's like paint swatches only with icing colors instead of paint colors!!!   It shows you the desired color and how many drops of each food color you need to use to come up with that color. I was on line in CVS and saw the corner of the top of the magazine and it said, "Icing Color Chart" page 88.   I bought the magazine and now all I need to do is get to the supermarket and buy some food color tubes!!    

Check this out.  I think this is frame worthy!   

OK....I don't feel so bad right now!
I found the article on the Food Network website.  They are calling it Frost by Numbers and they have pages and pages, much clearer on the website than my scanned images above!  

Here is the link:

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