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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fresh Flowers: Love them or hate them?

I think I am in the minority when I say that I don't really love flowers, plants or gardening. Most women enjoy getting flowers sent to them, enjoy planting and harvesting their own vegetables and will spare any time and money involved for this pleasure.   That's not to say that I don't appreciate flowers; I do.  I just don't have the knack for it.   I am happy to buy 3 bunches of spray roses for $10, or on a trip into the city the bargain of 2 dozen roses for $20.  Tulips, I will buy regardless of the cost, because they signal "spring" to me.   But $50-$75 for a bouquet that will die in 3 days, no thanks.    I am against sending real flowers unless absolutely necessary (prefer edible arrangements or another type of gift) and when I got married, I used all silk flowers, for center pieces, decorations, my bouquet, etc.   All of this background is necessary for why I chose this topic for my blog today.

So, I went to visit a friend this morning.  She is recovering from surgery, almost 2 weeks now and her home is overflowing with gift baskets, floral arrangements, balloons, cards, you name it.   Clearly, everyone is showering her with "get well" wishes.   I commented on one of my favorite arrangements and I found out that this was not one of the get well's her own.  And it's SILK.   I thought, this is why I love her.   So practical.   This is a woman who can afford to have fresh flowers delivered to her home daily....but her preference is silk flowers.  Before I could even agree and tell her about my wedding flowers, she said, "I love silk flowers.  I had silk flowers at my wedding."   ME TOO!   (She is married, I think 27 years.....and I am married 7, keep in mind.)

My mind is spinning and she says, "Check out" and all that popped into my head was, I am SO blogging about this tonight!    I came home and quickly checked out and I now have a list of things I want; for myself and for gifts.  (Just what I need: more things to buy!)    The vases and planters are beautiful and the "water" is not really water, but looks like it is.

Silk Flowers
Now if I could just buy a fake apple tree that would give me real apples, I'd be all set.  :-)

My favorite right now.  Love!

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