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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hire a Personal Chef

Cupcakes are becoming a party favorite in recent years.   I am seeing more and more adult parties with individual decorative cupcakes instead of a traditional birthday cake.   
People are fascinated by the designs and creative uses for food items. They are a great conversation piece, as well as an artistic expression. 
Cupcake stores have opened up all over-- I think Crumbs in LA and NYC were the ones to start it off, but they have moved into the suburbs as well.  It kind of reminds me of the Starbucks boom, where there seemed to be one on every corner.
I recently came across a local chef named Suzanne who shared these photos with me.  She is a personal chef with an amazing ability to create personalized cupcakes for children and/or adults parties.   In fact, she can cater the entire party.    

What I think sets Suzanne apart from an every day chef or caterer is not just the cupcakes that she can make!  (That's what attracted me to her work to start off.)  She will work with people to prepare customized menus for the week.  She shops, cooks, packages and leaves detailed instructions on how to reheat the meals.   

Her contact info is as follows: or call 914-320-5997 

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