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Friday, May 11, 2012

Best Baby Invention Ever

BabyComfyNoseNothing is grosser than a baby/toddler w a runny nose.  Even when it's your own kid.    Other parents immediately assume that your kid is sick and will contaminate their kid.   Wiping the nose spreads it and often results in a chapped under nose/above lip area.   The worst part of it is that it is allergy related.   We all go to the doctor and leave "mad" when they don't give us medicine because "it's just allergies" and it usually is.  Then a week later when they are still sick and the insides become an infection we get mad because we thought we knew it a week ago.   A week ago it wasn't an infection.   It was clear and runny and we couldn't get it out, because the little ones don't know how to blow their noses.    So it stays in and at night, post nasal drip keeps the whole family up.....then the antibiotics and they are OK.    Well, try clearing it all out with this.   It is by far the best one I have used in 6 years!

I thought of writing a blog on this topic and when I went to get a photo of it from the website, it basically contained everything I was going to say!    How a regular bulb aspirator is time consuming and kids won't sit still.....the battery operated ones don't have enough suction-- I have tried them all.

So rather than rewrite everything that is here, I will just add the link, that has a video and everything.

I am not cutting and pasting it because I want to be sure I do not appear that these are my own thoughts.   I'm just borrowing.   :-)

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