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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Frozen Yogurt Cake (Cups Included)

 Top View

Side View 

Every kid loves a birthday party.   And crazy moms like me, love planning them!   From the invitation on through to the thank you card......and every detail in between (themes, favors/goody bags etc.)

What kids don't care about is the food.  Every party seems to have the same menu.  Pizza, sliced in single skinny slices, juice boxes (which I hate) and cake.    Of course, places like Stew Leonard's serve ice cream with toppings and cake immediately following...which I have never understood; why not choose one or the other??  I guess they want the kids to try BOTH (and the parents to try both, so they will buy them in the future.)   But seriously, ice cream and cake (to me) is excessive.

Kids like ice cream, but who wants to transport it and where can it be stored until it is time to serve it?  It's messy and there is no such thing as bringing leftovers home afterwards.  Cake is easy and cupcakes are even easier.    I won't even bring up the sugar and calories/fat issue.   It's always great to leave a party with a kid (or worse, 2 or 3 kids) all sugared up from icing on a cupcake.   Usually, they lick the icing off and leave the yellow cake.   After bringing cupcakes to my daughter's class a couple of months ago, at $4 apiece....I was disappointed in myself for not realizing that most kids did this.  Icing and sprinkles were just fine for them.

So no ice cream cake, cupcakes are a waste (regardless of how cute they are) and a birthday sheet cake, unless it has a cool picture on it, is boring.   So what's a mom to do?   Have a frozen yogurt cake made!     Get this.  They can be made for 9 kids, 16 kids or 24 kids.    If you need 18 you will order 2 cakes made of 9.   If you need enough for 25 kids, you can get a 9 and a 16, because a cake of 24 is one short.    Why all this mathematical nonsense for cake???  Because they use CUPS.

They place the cups on a cookie sheet and fill them with frozen yogurt.   I had 48 made up recently and I asked for a "cake" with 24 vanilla cup and another "cake" with 24 chocolate cups.   Once the cups are filled with yogurt, they spread icing (yay icing!) over the top of the cups and they freeze it.   The icing gives the cool cake look, but underneath it is NOT boring, yellow, corn muffin's ice cream!   But actually, kids don't know that it isn't ice cream.  It's non-fat frozen yogurt.    How smart is that??  

Now, there is still the refrigeration issue which can be a pain depending on your location and your access to a freezer.   This cake can sit for 40-45 minutes once it's removed from a freezer.   It is SO frozen, that it needs to sit before it can be served.   If you can get around the refrigeration issue, you are good to go.    You can ask them to write on it, the way the old Carvel cakes were written on and they can make a border, designs, etc.  If your theme is Sesame Street, I am sure they will place your Bert and Ernie figures on it before freezing it.  

Where can you get this?  I am sure it is more common than I know of.....but my discovery of this was at Sedutto, on Garth Road in Eastchester/Scarsdale.
67 Garth Road  Scarsdale, NY 10583
(914) 374-0760

 If you are buying for kids, vanilla/chocolate or a mix of the two should work.   For adults, you can get coffee, tart, red velvet or my favorite, peanut butter.   And if you want to add the sprinkles, or the Oreo topping, you can do that too, I'm sure!    When I brought this to the event I planned last week, no one had seen anything like it.   These are parents with 2 and 3 kids, who probably average one birthday party every weekend.  

PS-- I do know for a fact that Sedutto delivers locally.   I would guess that for a fee, he would travel even further, if needed, to eliminate the refrigeration issue at your party location.   Wouldn't hurt to ask!  

Disclaimer:   As always, with any party menu, always have back up snacks and treats for those with allergies and/or food intolerances.   (A pack of Goldfish, some lunch bag sized Oreos, lollipops, gummy worms, etc.)

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