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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Emma's Good Finds: Recent Favorite Purchases

      It's no secret that I LOVE to shop.   It is not just a selfish habit.   Most times, I find the most enjoyment when I am shopping for someone else.  Even when I AM shopping for myself, I find something terrific and buy a second one, just in case I need one for someone else down the road.   There have been many times when someone has commented on something and I have been able to say, "Oh!  I bought an extra" and give them the extra one.  :-)  


 Fit Flops

Rokkit is the name of this style of Fit Flops
Remember when they were all very ugly, very orthopedic looking?
I can not guarantee that they do what they say they will do....which is tone your body, eliminate back problems, etc.   But I can say that they are supportive and comfortable and nicer looking than the original ones that I had years ago.  
These are $99, a hefty price for a flip flop, I know.....but still a favorite.
(Zappos has them.....Shoes N More, if you want to try them in the store.)
I bought ONE pair of extras on this item.  

Bliss Glycolic Pads

I have had glycolic peels at the dermatologists office and I have had them at spas.   They are basically the same with the exception of the concentration/percentage of the solution they are allowed to use.     The peel at the dermatologists office stings like crazy and can stay for 1-3 minutes depending on how long you can tolerate the sting.   They will place a fan over your face to help ease the stinging so that you can get the maximum out of it.   I think it cost around $150 at the office and it is not covered by insurance.
At a spa/salon or a medical spa, I think it is the same situation but I feel like the dermatologist can use the highest concentration (as it is a medical procedure) and the medical spa might use a little less...  The spa/salon, I feel like uses the lowest concentration.   This is COMPLETELY my guess, I have no facts to support this other than the experiences I have had.   (They can cost between $100-$250, depending on if they use the suction tool and call it microdermabrasion along with the peel.)
But regardless, these peel pads are probably somewhere between the spa/salon and the medical spa (minus the microdermabrasion.)
For 30 pads, they cost $49.   I have read the reviews and people report that they are very happy with them.  I bought them and I use them every 3-4 days and so far, so good.   A nice amount of sting and my face feels smoother and clearer.
I did buy 2 boxes of these.  One for myself and one for my sister, who agrees that they are great!  

 Falsies Mascara

This is the find of the century!!   I can not take credit for finding this on my own but I will tell you how I came across this item.

First thing I will say is that it costs $7.99 (or less on and sometimes CVS has a deal where you can buy one at the regular price and get a second one at half price...or free....I forget.   It is a no brainer.  Compared to the department store prices, it's a bargain and it is amazing.

How did I find it?  
Well, I took a class with a woman who is a professional makeup artist, celebrity stylist, formerly worked for a very high end/upscale cosmetics company that I will not name, to be fair to the company.    She saw the mascara I was wearing and said, "Are you wearing ______________ mascara?"   Proudly, I said, "Yes!"   A professional instructor knew the brand of my mascara just by looking at my eyes??   Pretty impressive.   She said, "I worked for _________ (such and such company) for years.....You know what mascara rivals that?    Try Falsies by Maybelline.  You can buy it right in CVS."  

No way is an $8 mascara going to beat my $30+ mascara.   I had to find out and the instant I put it on, I fell in love.   Waited til night time when I was washing it off to make sure it was as wonderful as it had been all day and it was.   I have seriously NOT used my (fill in the blank) mascara ONCE since.  

I think I buy this every time I walk into CVS, Harmons, Walgreens......and I give them to just about everyone to try.   Paying it forward.   Someone shared an amazing secret with me, I must share.   Good things will come back to me, right?

Pottery Barn's Emma Collection

Of all the names this collection could have!  Emma.
Just click on the link below and see the pieces (they happen to be on sale right now too)  Love!

Have lots of pieces and I keep adding to it.   Waiting for a bridal shower (or maybe a divorce shower......) to give these to someone as a gift.

Sorry for the randomness and the rambling of this post.   Kind of no rhyme or reason, I know.   Just an assortment of things I will call "good finds."

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