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Monday, April 30, 2012

Cool Affordable Modern Art


It's no secret that our information is not safe anymore.   Once you visit a certain website, place an item in your shopping cart, miraculously you have a coupon for this store in your inbox the next morning.   I once bought an angel for someone as a gift and within the next week or two, I received 3 or 4 catalogs from companies I had never heard of, selling religious items.... angels/religious....I get it.   The angel company sold my address to the religious company.  It's business.  Let them waste their own time and money but truly, they must make money or else they wouldn't be doing it, right?    

Well, today I received one of those catalogs and thought, "I have never heard of this company......" and as I opened the book and browsed, I thought, "Which company sold my address this time??   I must thank them!"    The BEST junk mail I have received in much so that I made myself a note to blog about it immediately.   (This topic was moved to the top of the list....and poor iPad/iPhone apps keeps getting moved to the bottom.)

The catalog cover says "modern digital canvas"  (no capital letters, which I kind of like)
Their website is

Their pieces are amazing and prices are not terrible for "artwork."
I "like" art; I can't really say I "love" art or artists in particular.   I appreciate it and I enjoy it and seeing it in a museum is wonderful, but I do not like anything enough to hang it in my home!   I think a piece of art is a sure way to communicate a lot of who you are to those that enter your home;  I would prefer to have items that reflect who I am in a different way I guess.   Hard to explain.

But back to this site....the items are modern:  No Van Gogh's poster prints of impressionists that you will find on   The pieces can be mounted on canvas or on a "floating frame" (need to google that definition) and the best part of it all, two of my favorite words: "free shipping."

If you do not have time to check out the site right now, you will want to when you see the pricing that I am about to reveal.

Jumbo: 58x43 $389
Medium: 46x34 $289
Small: 34x25 $199
(They have other sizes and shapes and sets of 2 and 3 that can be placed together for a different effect.)

These prices can not be beat.   FRAMING costs that.   Framing a piece of poster paper would be more expensive than these prices.   And a canvas is a beautiful texture to add to a room or hallway.     Some of the pieces are calm and soothing and others are what some would call an inspiration piece (or maybe a conversation piece.)

I am going to spend some time tomorrow looking around my house for a bare wall.   There are a few that I LOVE.      I will share some of my favorite ones....


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  1. Emma,
    A floating frame is a framed piece of art that looks like what it says, it keeps the center of the picture away from the frame. It is pretty cool.