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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Personalized Clothing for Kids

I have an AMAZING site to share today.    It's called Princess and Froggy.
The designer makes custom onesies and t-shirts for kids.   If you are looking for initial shirts, or number 3 say, for a 3rd bday or something specific, here is your place!  

My personal favorite, is the one I had to post on here: the necktie shirts.   Love!  <3 

Check out this site:
Princess and Froggy

Right now I am thinking of so many fun things I can order.   Matching t-shirts for photos for my kids or my 3 nieces....Holiday card t-shirts...maybe one says naughty, one says nice....No, that would be mean.   I have a friend having twins this fall.  I might have their names and birth weight put on t-shirts that they can wear and later frame?  

So many ideas going through my head. And gifts....or what about party favors!!??    Imagine a superhero birthday party and all the kids were given a superhero t-shirt to wear for the party?   The party planner in me wants to host a party JUST to order these cute shirts.

Check it out.   I have already placed a special request order!    It kind of reminds me of chasing fireflies, a catalog that I simply can't buy from, because I think their prices are ridiculous.     

As always, feel free to share with friends.

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