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Monday, April 23, 2012

Every Woman Needs a Great (Handy)Man

We all know that it is no longer 1950; Where the man goes to work, the woman stays home and takes care of the children and tends to the house, ironing shirts, preparing dinners, etc. Most women work if not FT, P/T and comes home to a full time job of taking care of the home still.    Gender roles are changing and not as defined as they once were.   We can thank the liberal women of the 60s and 70s for this....and we can curse them for it too..... It seems the simpler way of life was when every household was like The Brady Bunch (minus Alice)

Some of us have an "Alice" though.....because the house cleaning, laundry and meal preparations are a lot for women.   We have the luxury of having someone do this for us, so why not?    That time can be spent getting a manicure/pedicure (we have to look good for work, don't we?) or going to the gym or shuttling our kids from sports to religious instruction, to birthday parties, play dates, etc.  

So we have an Alice......why not have a handyman?   Just like we (the wives) do not do the traditional woman's job whether we work outside the home or not.....the men aren't expected to do all the "male" housework on a weekend either.   Why not let him have his weekend to get the equivalent of the mani/pedi, gym, shopping?    He works hard all week too and really, for the same price we pay "Alice" to do our female roles, we can have a handyman to do the traditional male roles.    What's fair is fair.  

That's why I have a handyman.   A good handyman.     I will share him with you if you want to hire him.  His name is Ronnie and he does it all.   More than the most handy husband I know.   Why have your husband spend his Saturday putting together the kids new bikes.....regrouting the bathtub.....or changing lightbulbs, hanging pictures?    Free him up and maybe you can sneak in a nice lunch on a Saturday!?

Here is the deal.   Keep a list of things that need to be done.  Purchase the materials that you think you need.   (Hardware Store, Home Depot)   When you think you have 3 hours worth of work to keep the handyman busy, call him up and tell him you need him for 3 hours.   $90 later you have it all done!    Yep.    He has a 3 hr minimum; $90.  Daily rate is $200.    I think that is quite a bargain.   By buying all the things you need in advance, he gets more done in the 3 hours that you have him.   (Or you can have him go get the things too, if you don't mind paying him for his time.)  

90 bucks.  Probably the same price that you pay Alice for her services, right?    So you have your Alice and he has Ronnie, the handyman.   

Tell him that Emma recommended him.  
Ronnie:  914-843-4621

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