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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Need a photographer?

Anyone interested in hiring a photographer?   
I highly recommend trying Pete Lott for an in home, indoor/outdoor session.
Whether you need professional pics, kids pics, engagement pics.   
A great price for an hour and all of your images on a CD PLUS the 4 best retouched.
Going to the children's photo studio never seems to work out.  Your kids wait a long time, they spill their juice boxes on their nice clothes, they surely don't cooperate!  
Plus the fact that they will charge you $99 for the CD alone, and rope you into the "membership" that brings some benefits....but really you can't walk out of there without spending $250-$300.
With your own CD you can make cards, calendars, photo gifts, etc.  
His retouched ones especially;  The photo stores will not retouch your images.   
Having them in your own house is the way to have it done.   Give him a call.

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