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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Emma Explores Tarrytown: Silver Tips Tea Room and More

Last week, I ventured out of my pocket of the county on a beautiful morning and made my way to Tarrytown.    Decided to try some new places.   A very cute Main Street with a variety of ethnic eateries and some nice shops.  Vintage jewelry stores, art galleries, a toy store, a sweet shoppe and of course, my very own favorite theater, the Tarrytown Music Hall.

Since it was early in the day, and I love tea, I decided to try the Silver Tips Tea Room.   A friend and I decided to order together.    We each had a 2-cup teapot of tea and we split 2 sandwiches (chicken and tuna), a blueberry scone and 2 desserts, (chocolate mousse and a pear tart.)

I do not rave about restaurants often because I am not the best person to give opinions on food.   I don't eat enough of the things on a menu to judge whether a place is good or not.   But I can say that everything I tasted was amazing.   The scone was served warm with a side of jam and creme.  The sandwiches were tasty and the desserts were the BEST.   I love chocolate desserts but this chocolate mousse reminded me of the best mousse ever;  the mousse served at the Castle in Tarrytown.  Might have been better actually.   Pics below.  

Silver Tips Tea Room


Shopping inside the shop.  Cute tea accessories such as teapots, creamers, loose tea and tea accessories.


Loose tea.  So many flavors.  Hundreds.  The green tea canisters line the walls.  

After a delicious tea, my friend and I walked down the street and shopped for a bit.  Everything from furniture to jewelry to toys to candy.    A few pics.    

Home Furnishings.

Loved this mirror (above) and 
this table and chairs (below)  

Waste paper basket struck me funny.  

A store called Shay Lula.   Beautiful things. 

Mural inside the sweet shop.   

My day in Tarrytown felt like a mini vacation.    I have to spend a day in another place in Westchester every once in a while.     Came home with some nice items that will remind me of my afternoon "away."

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  1. I love Silver Tips! It's almost like a hidden little gem. :)