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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Best Baby Gift for Any Price Range : Angel Dear

I love buying baby gifts.   One item I buy every baby that is born is an Angel Dear blanket.   I got a pink bunny blanket when my daughter was born and after many laundry cycles, near misses/lost and founds, we still have it.    When I found out my next child was going to be a boy, the first item I bought was the Angel Dear monkey blanket.  

Since then, the company has expanded their product line and started to offer different variations of Angel Dear blankets.   I am going to share 3 of them.   

The first is the regular blanket, that can be bought for $11-$14.  I usually buy 3-4 at a time on and have them as small gifts for people or as an add on gift for someone.     Then there is the "pair and a spare" package that contains 3 of the same item.  Of course, with kids and blankies, you need to have multiples in case they lose them (even though kids KNOW the difference, somehow!)   The package of 3 costs $35 on ($49 or more and you get free shipping, FYI)

Then there is my new favorite, which I just bought.   The 4 piece set.  The pillow, blanket, little blanket and rattle.    What I neglected to mention was how soft these blankets are.  They are similar to a cashmere material.   Very soothing for a baby.  Both of my kids, great sleepers, used them at 3-4 months of age, to cover their eyes when they went to sleep.  Maybe older than that....I forget.  But my point is, I always put them down awake and they self soothed, and used these blankies to cuddle up with and help them fall asleep.   My little guy, who is now 2, was thrilled to see the large monkey blanket the other day.  He is used to the small one.   He screamed, "monkey!" and hugged that blankie so tight.   I thought, I must blog about these Angel Dear blankies!  
(They also make clothes and blankets and many other gift items-- check out the website for more information.) 

A perfect gift because it comes in different packaging and pricing-- so if there's a girl at your doctors office that you want a little something for.....or a friend who you have to go to a shower for and you want to do a theme basket, you can get these items, plus clothing or toys and wrap it in a cellophane basket and it makes an adorable gift.   

The website:


  1. Yes, it does make an adorable gift!

    Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
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  2. Those are so cute! It is a wonderful gift idea. I look forward to followin your blog! Stop by Mama's Little Chick when you get a chance. Have a great night!

    Mama Hen